wastewater Water treatment

TGWT promotes a more environmentally friendly approach by offering the most advanced technologies:  

Antifoams, flocculants, inorganic and organic coagulants and filter aids.


Improve your process and reduce your costs.  


Benefit from TGWT's expertise to meet increasingly demanding standards

  • Coagulants inorganic & organic

    Improved removal of suspended solids (SS), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), oil, grease and metals.

  • Flocculants

    Designed to improve sludge clarification, flotation and dewatering. NSF and GRAS products available.

  • Neutralization

    Neutralize acids and bases at a lower cost by producing as few solids as possible. 

  • Precipitants for heavy metals

    Reach very low concentrations with tannin-based products and DTC products.

  • Antifoam agents

    Eliminate foam from manufacturing processes

Sectors of expertise

Food processors,

pulp and paper, textiles,

chemical manufacturers, electronics,



and metal finishers. 

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