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Lift Truck handling and shipping purified tannins from TGWT
Icône partenariat TGWT

Become a distributor of our products based on purified tannins for steam boilers.

Team up with The Tannin Guys® and grow your customer base 

Offer unique products and TGWT will set you up with the tools for success


Energy Analysis Quote Generator

Get free access to a unique tool, a quote generator that clearly shows the gains through energy analysis models for your targeted customers.

Kroff Clozit Energy Analysis
Kroff Clozit Energy Analysis Scale Effects

Own Brochures

TGWT will provide you with ready to go brochures to start promoting to grow your customer base​.

Condor Brochures of Purified Tannins for Steam Boilers from TGWT cover
Condor Brochures of Purified Tannins for Steam Boilers from TGWT second page

Private Labels

Globally Harmonized System (GHS)

Dropship available

Jamestown Label for Purified Tannins By TGWT

Technical Center

Get access to TGWT's specialized staff of Ph.D's & engineers to grow your business.

Purified Tannins corrosion Inhibition analysis TGWT

Tannin Community

Distributors become a part of the Tannin Community and benefit from:


Corporate partnerships

Shared Case Studies

And more

TGWT exhibiting at the AWT Annual Conference and Trade Show
Quote Generator
Technical Center
Own Brochures
Private Labels
Tannin Community
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