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Closed Loop water treatment

Chemicals are needed to avoid scale and corrosion in closed loop systems 


Got closed loop and want to optimize your energy transfer without capital investment?

TGWT Tanins for Aluminum Boiler

Partnership for Aluminum Boilers Water Treatment

Patterson-Kelley, market leader and major producer of heat transfer equipment and TGWT, leader in green chemistry, have joined forces to put together a successfull and sustainable water treatment program for aluminum condensing boilers.  

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Protection achieved by traditional chemistry and TGWT's tannin chemistry

Icon Oxygen Scavenger TGWT

Oxygen Scavenger

Icon Corrosion Inhibitor TGWT

Corrosion Inhibitor

Icon Scale Inhibitor TGWT

Scale Inhibitor

Icon Chelan TGWT


Unique benefits from TGWT's tannin chemistry without capital investment

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Icon Multi Metals Protection TGWT

Metals Protection

Icon Low Dosage TGWT



Icon Non Hazardous TGWT

Non Hazardous

Icon No Molybdate TGWT




Testimonials from our customer who are using purified tannins in their heating or cooling closed-loops

Institutions: Sherbrooke University

Institutions: Sherbrooke University

Closed loop systems are treated with TG 3304, a green technology Tannin based corrosion inhibitor. We are very pleased with the services offered, and the quality of their products.

Hospitals: CHUS

Hospitals: CHUS

We have several systems treated by TGWT. From the very start of our collaboration with TGWT, we have been satisfied by services offered, their expertise, and product efficiency.

Say Yes to TGWT and Protect your heating and cooling Closed Loop

Engineered Tannins allow you to target the optimized pH to get a great protection of multi-metals systems

Tanin Water Treatment pH chart  for mild steel and aluminum

Additional Benefits from TGWT's tannin chemistry for Closed-loop


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