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ProMoss Sphagnum Moss for Cooling Tower

ProMoss™ for Cooling Towers


Scale and corrosion and biofilm inhibitor, plant-based, for cooling towers and evaporative condensers water treatment


  • Totally natural, based on sphagnum moss

  • Reduction of hazardous materials handling

  • Second life: compost, fertilizer and oil & grease absorption

Description Of The Technology

ProMoss™: A totally green chemistry based approach to cooling tower water treatment.  To minimize the risk of legionella and to prevent scale and corrosion.

Evaporative Condensers Treated by TGWT
Cooling Tower ProMoss Used as Fertilizer

Environmental benefit: Second life after use

Absorption of oils & fats Compost / Fertilizers 

Cooling Tower Operator

Environmental benefit:
OHS Risk Reduction

Reduced handling of hazardous material

Chemical Drum and ProMoss

Cost benefit: Reduced transport
3.15kg vs 240kg 

Less volume and no class of transport

Cooling Tower Water Flow Meter

Cost benefit: Reduced water consumption costs

Less make-up water and less waste water down the drain

ProMoss cage and 3 dry pads

Dosing method #1

A cage is plunged directly into the cooling tower or water retention tank.   The ProMoss™ is changed every month during the service visit of our representatives.

ProMoss Dosing Chamber and Control Pannel

Dosing method #2

Specially designed equipment is installed in bypass of the cooling tower water supply lines.   The ProMoss™ is changed every month during the service visit of our representatives.

ProMoss Pads and ProMoss after usage


The ProMoss™ is billed as a monthly flat rate and includes the necessary products and equipment.

Cooling Tower Treated with ProMoss by TGWT


Several applications are currently running in North America.   We can provide you with case studies upon request.

Get in touch with one of our representatives

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