R&D and Innovation in Water Treatment

Innovation is our DNA's backbone

Each year, TGWT invests 5% to 10% of its revenues in R&D and Innovation using leading edge technologies to bring forward our tannin expertise. 


The 12 principles of Green Chemistry are guiding our development

Tannin Oriented


Looking at the tannin molecules from all angles 

Tannin's surface, bulk and corrosion inhibition properties; adsorption kinetics and thermodynamics; molecular modeling and a great deal more 

TGWT Tannins Molecules
TGWT Nyquist plot on Steel electode
TGWT Nyquist plot on Alum electrode
TGWT Surface concentration
TGWT Steel v.s. Aluminum
TGWT Tafel plot



Corrosion and Electrochemistry  

Advanced technologies in industrial corrosion research using highly accurate and fast electrochemical and Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) methods 

TGWT R&D Analysis equipment
TGWT R&D Solution
TGWT R&D Microbalance
TGWT R&D Equipment
TGWT Electrochemistry

Our Vector is Team Work


Multidisciplinary and internationally renowned team lead by

Louis Godbout 

Adressing immediate customer needs and giving dynamic support to field team

TGWT Louis Godbout in the Lab
TGWT Louis Godbout in the field
TGWT Louis Godbout in Training
TGWT Data Analysis
Louis Godbout TGWT

Involved in Science

Ongoing collaboration with renowned North American Universities

Adsorption kinetics of our engineered tannins

Efficient protection against corrosion


TGWT's scientific press coverage

TGWT Article in NACE

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