Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Chemicals are needed to control bacteria and avoid scale and corrosion in cooling towers


Got cooling towers and want to minimize the risk of legionella and be in compliance with the newest legislation ? 


Hospitals: CHUS

Hospitals: CHUS

Cooling Tower treatment is based on RBQ regulations which are taken from ASHREA recommendations. Program includes a corrosion inhibitor, an oxidizing biocide, and a biodispersant to keep surfaces biofilm free. This program has proven effective in controlling Legionella and preserving equipment.

Institutions: Sherbrooke University

Institutions: Sherbrooke University

Thanks to their expertise, conscientiousness, and understanding of our needs, we have been in close collaboration with TGWT for several years, allowing excellent protection of our water systems, including a perfect follow up and tracking of RBQ regulations regarding cooling tower maintenance.

Chemicals properties of TGWT's product line for cooling towers


Non Oxydizers


Corrosion Inhibitor

Hardness Stabilization

Additional benefits from TGWT's product line

Higher Langelier Index

Higher cycles

Minimized dosage

Easy tests

Best Practices

Additional Benefits
Trending Bacteria On Site
Legionella tests by 3rd party labs
Dosage and Automation Equipment
TGWT Expertise: Online Reports
Cleaning Services Available
Screen filters to avoid fouling
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Media Coverage
Training on best practices
Available Sizes: Pail, Drum & Tote
Great team and company
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Contingency & Action Plan

Helping you to put up a plan to get back in control of your installations.

Walking the plant with you to identify potential mechanical problems like dead legs in the piping network.


Implementing the best chemical program to treat your cooling towers to minimize the risk of legionella.

TGWT Dead Leg 1
TGWT Dead Leg 3

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