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TG 3269 creates a protective layer on the walls of the cooling tower and on the piping when stored dry or wet, thus ensuring good protection against corrosion even during winter! Protects installations for up to 2 years.

More details

TG 3269 is a vapor phase corrosion inhibitor (VpCI) formulation, which is sold in a liquid form. The product is used for seasonal or long-term storage of water cooling towers. This liquid formulation is free of phosphates, heavy metals, nitrites and oil-based components.

TG 3269 is specifically designed to protect the entire system whether it is stored wet or dry for up to two years. VpCI vaporizes from the liquid solution into the air space of the system, providing protection to metal exposed to air, liquid and the air/liquid interface. Product effectiveness requires circulation of water containing TG 3269 for the recommended time.


TG 3269 is added directly to the system when there is no longer a heat load on the system, but while it is still filled with water. Preferably, a complete draining and filling of the system should be done before adding the product. By doing so, the system is drained and cleared of any sludge or debris before adding the appropriate amount of TG 3269.

It is recommended that the treatment solution be circulated for 12 to 24 hours to provide protection for the entire system. The recommended dosage for optimum protection is 2,000 ppm. This equates to approximately two gallons of this product per 1,000 gallons of total system volume.

During the procedure, the system should be sealed to retain VpCI. Inflatable bladders can be used to seal the transfer pipe heads in case valves or flanges are not available. If properly sealed, the system can be effective for up to two years. If the system is stored wet, it can be put into service immediately while it still contains the VpCI solution. Normal purging practices will eventually drain the product from the system. Before restarting the system, be sure to open all valves or remove any bladders that were used for sealing purposes during set-up.

Request the product data sheet from or speak to your TGWT representative for more information.

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