Making water treatment
simple, sustainable, profitable

  • Covid 19

    and hygiene

    • Protection through COVID-19

    • Virucidal hard surface disinfectant to inactivate viruses

    • Made in Qc, Canada

  • Steam Boiler Treated By TGWT

    Steam boilers

    water treatment

    • Save Energy & Water

    • Reduce your GHG Emissions

    • No CapEx

    • Green Chemistry

  • Cooling Tower Treated By TGWT

    cooling towers water treatment

    • Minimize the risk of legionella

    • Be compliant with the legislation

    • Biocides

    • Surfactant 

  • TGWT ProMoss (28).JPG

    water treatment

    • Green chemistry for cooling towers

    • Second life after use

    • Reduced water and transportation costs 

  • Wastewater Plant

    water treament

    • Improve your process

    • Reduce your costs

    • Antifoams, flocculants, inorganic & organic coagulants, filter aids

  • PK Aluminum Boilers Treated by TGWT

    water treatment

    • Optimize your energy transfer

    • Multi-metals (incl. aluminum)

    • Non Hazardous

    • Green Chemistry

  • Equipment for Water Treatment Designed by TGWT

    equipement for water treatment

    • Dosing Pump

    • Controllers

    • Reagents

    • Bag and Cartridge Filters 

  • Corrosion Test Made By TGWT

    Research and development

    • Our DNA's backbone

    • Third parties collaboration

    • Tannin oriented

    • Electrochemistry Studies

  • Steam Boilers Operators TGWT

    learn more about TGWT

    • Leader in green chemistry

    • German engineering

    • Clean Technologies

    • Corporate Governance

  • 2005

    year established

  • +2000

    Boilers treated

  • 5-10%

    of our revenues invested in r&D

  • +10

    Presence in 10 countries in America & Europe



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