75% discount on CONTROL PANEL

Control panel / Demo dosing station for $8,999 (+ Tx + Transport). It has a value of over $36,000. Only one unit in stock. (75% off)

Technical specifications:

1) eController / Walchem

Automation of dosing and purging for better management of your facilities and resources. Network and LTE connectivity available.

2) Modulating Purge Valve

4-20mA valve to achieve optimal blowdown rate and reduce water consumption

3) Sensors

Continuous measurement of conductivity, pH and ORP

4) Dosing pumps

Two Iwaki dosing pumps

5) Double wall tanks

Plastic to avoid corrosion. Double walls, safer to contain leaks. Minimizes contact with air.

6) Water meter

Allows pulses to be sent to the controller to precisely adjust the dosage. The data is also used to monitor water consumption and prevent slippage.

7) Brominators

Allows the injection of a solid oxidizer to maximize performance and minimize handling.

8) Corrosion Coupons

Allows to monitor the performance of the water treatment program and its effect on different types of metals

9) Strainer

Protects the probes from suspended particles. Twist II Clean type filter for easy cleaning.

10) Sink

Allows chemical testing and sampling to be done on site.

11) Rotameters

Allows for adjustment of flow through the brominator for maximum efficiency and flow through the probes for a representative reading.

12) Flow switch

Disables chemical dosing and probes when there is no flow through the system. Can be used to send an alarm.

13) Sampling valve

Allows to take a sample of the cooling tower water directly from the dosing station.

14) Level sensors

Monitors product consumption in real time. Allows to send an alarm in case of low level and ensure the supply at the right time.

15) Waterproof pump enclosures

Additional security to protect the dosing pump and contain leaks. Possibility to add a leak detector connected to an alarm.

16) Stainless steel supports

The dosing station is delivered in four stainless steel modules that are easy to assemble and connect to your cooling tower network.

Click here to download the data sheet:

TGWT - Station de dosage
Download PDF • 396KB

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